The Story of My Cousances Doufeu

Last year I had the good fortune to spot a vintage enameled cast iron Dutch oven at a thrift store in Franklin, Tennessee, and I had the good sense to snatch it up. It's a Cousances Doufeu and I paid only $40 for it!

This was the original ThriftSmart Instagram post...

I didn't know right away what it was, but I have an eye for quality and I could see that it was. After a quick Google search, I learned that Cousances was a French cookware manufacturer that started in 1553. (Already I'm in love. A company in France that's been doing cast iron for more than 460 years. This was meant for me.) The company was acquired by Le Creuset in 1957. And well, we ALL know about Le Creuset.

It looked like the enamel had worn off on the inside of the pot, but it didn't worry me. I bought it, packed it in my carry on luggage (yes, I did), and it's been performing beautifully ever since.

Perfect for making soup...


But, a few months ago something happened that changed my life. I came across a post on Instagram (can't remember whose) that showed how to remove stains from enameled cast iron. A bleach solution! Brilliant. I tried it. It works! I didn't know it was possible to love this little pot more, but it was. And I do! I love my little pot even more now! :)

All you do it pour a 15% bleach solution into your stained enameled cast iron, and let it sit for 24 hours. Voila. It's like magic. It looks new!

See for yourself.

Cousances Doufeu stained.JPG

BEFORE: Soooooo stained, from years of wonderful service.

Cousances Doufeu 2.JPG

AFTER: I tried just about an inch or two of the solution to see if it would work. You can see the line that clearly identifies that it did indeed work!


And here it is totally clean! I filled it to the brim with the bleach solution and it magnificent. Thank you, ThriftSmart! Next time I'm in Tennessee, I'll be visiting you again!