Hygge: It's a Thing

I haven't posted since March and I feel a bit like you do when you haven't exercised in a while (which I haven't, so maybe I'm just feeling that)...sluggish and guilt-ridden. So, I decided I couldn't let another day go by without something to replace that Campari photo! So sick of it!

I was just looking over some trend reports on the Doneger site, which is "the global leader in creative, merchandising and business strategies for the retail, fashion and related industries," and I came across "Hygge." That's the third time I've seen the name in print in the last three days, so I had to do a post on it.

Hygge is the Danish word for "cozy," and it's a thing.

First of all, there's the Hygge Bakery in Downtown Los Angeles, near where I work. Lovely place, lovely pastries (though I do have to say the giant photo of the owner lording over the room does not evoke a feeling of coziness).

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Then, over the weekend I found myself in Venice shopping on Abbot Kinney with my sisters, Anne and Teha. We popped into Huset for a quick hit of modern Scandinavian design. Their candles are delicately and exquisitely scented. (Overheard in the store: "Fjord is the best smelling candle, EVER!") Well, would you believe they have a Hygge-scented candle? They do. And here it is.

Hygge is in the Danish DNA, a reflection of the Scandinavian art of creating intimacy, fellowship and coziness in the smallest everyday moments. This gently-scented candle reflects the coziness of Danish living with notes of brewed tea and baked strawberry cake.
— Huset-shop.com

Cut to today. I'm looking over trend reports at the office, and Hygge is being used to describe a fashion trend for Fall 2017.

Well, one google search later, I find out this isn't really new. The New Yorker covered Hygge in December 2016.

Oh well. There you have it. Now no one has to look at my "So THIS Just Happened" post anymore, since it so did NOT just happen.

Have a cozy summer! Hygge has saved the day.