I've worked in the fashion industry for 16 years—first for Hearst Publications, and now for a fashion college. I've had the privilege to meet so many incredibly creative people—designers, photographers, stylists, writers, artists, entrepreneurs—and I have come to realize something. It's time for me to start expressing MYSELF!

This blog is an outlet for all the joy I feel inside. Warning: There will be humor. There will also be lots of cooking and baking and sewing and crafting. I always did love Little House on the Prairie. That general store was so rad. I mean c'mon, what's not to love—you could buy flour and fabric at the same place.

I don't have cable or Wi-Fi at my tiny house (there isn't room for it LOL), but I do have a digital antenna, a cell phone to look things up and call Uber, and a library card. I just finished binge watching Revenge. The LA Central library has all the DVDs, FYI.